Hi, I'm Julie

A creative who loves scrapbooking, mixed media and art journalling. 
I love to experiment with the latest products and don’t mind getting my hands dirty while I’m at it. I live in Silverdale, NSW with my very supportive husband and our 16 year old son and three chihuahuas. We also have a daughter who lives just around the corner in Warragamba with our three gorgeous grand kiddies.

My philosophy

Photographs speak a language of their own, they capture the smallest and the biggest moments of our lives and take us back to places that only exist in our memory. Scrapbooking has forever changed the way we record and preserve our memories for not only ourselves but future generations. It has linked the art of photography, the beauty of words and allows our own individual creativity to flourish. Crafting makes you happier, healthier and more connected, it brings people together into a community and at the Craft Collective Hub
we are to do just that.

Early On


I was introduced to scrapbooking when my son was only about 6 months old. From then I was hooked. I still remember struggling with my first layout…. but there was something about scrapbooking, it just ignited my creative spirit…

A few years later I decided to open my own scrapbooking store which I named Scrap of Your Life For me, who loves a challenge, would love to be my own boss and work from home, it was a great idea, and I threw myself into it. However, even after running the scrapbooking business now after about 10 years, I still also work full time. But that’s OK .. one day I will finish work and it will be a time when I can spend more time doing what I love…

My creativity over the last few years has taken me down the path of mixed media, art journalling and project life.

You can find me running retreats and monthly craft events. I spend an awful lot of time scouring the web for the latest products to bring to my tribe of crafters. 

My community is very important to me. It is the focus of everything I do. 

The Craft Collective Hub is my latest project. My wish is to create a placed where you can all be part of the best community and connect with like minded creatives. 

It will also be the central point where community gathers

The Craft Collective Hub

The Craft Collective Hub is my latest project. My wish is to create a place where you can all be part of a wonderful community and connect with like minded creatives. It will also be the central point where all the events and retreats will be posted and managed. . As well as classes, tutorials, challenges, inspiration and more.